The Most Important Sugar Baby NYC Criteria

If you have had some experience with dating a sugar daddy in New York, you would be well aware of the fact that NYC rich and affluent men are very picky with whom they spend their time. They are even more choosy when it comes to finding and dating a sugar baby. So, what are the qualities that you should have as a sugar baby to increase your chances of being picked by a sugar daddy.

While one might argue that the expectations vary from person to person, there are a few qualities that are must-haves in a sugar baby NYC.

Sugar Baby NYC

Good looks

You might have heard people saying that looks don’t matter. But if you’re on the lookout for a sugar daddy in NYC, they certainly do. Regardless of whether you are in New York, Sydney, San Francisco or Singapore, this criteria is considered mandatory. Having said that, sugar daddies don’t expect to date a supermodel.

Clarity of mind

As a sugar baby NYC, you are expected to be absolutely clear about what you need and want from a relationship of this kind. This starts with determining your allowance, either in the form of cash or gifts or additional perks. In addition, you’re also expected to be clear about what your boundaries are while in a relationship with a sugar daddy.


Sugar babies who wear confidence on their sleeves are not only likelier to find a sugar daddy quicker but also keep them for longer. Being able to strike a conversation with your sugar daddy’s influential friends at a social gathering is definitely a quality most men would want you to exhibit.

Knowledge and spontaneity

Being able to break the ice at social gatherings isn’t enough. You should also be able to hold the conversation and add value to the discussion. This is why it is advised you stay updated with what’s happening around you (especially in the industry your sugar daddy belongs to). There is nothing sexier than an attractive woman who knows what she’s speaking.

Real and committed

While it is established that sugar daddy - sugar baby relationships are all about mutual benefits, that certainly does not mean that you need to fake it. Bear in mind that NYC sugar daddies are extremely smart individuals and would understand when someone is not genuine. Be your best self, understand what he needs and always convey your expectations from the relationship.

Where to find a sugar daddy NYC?

Now that you are aware of the qualities that would make or break your chances of finding a sugar daddy NYC, it’s time to up your game and get on a reputed sugar daddy dating site that is packed with features to the brim. This would ensure you reach out to thousands of potential sugar daddies from all over the world and make the most of the chat features to build a strong rapport. Alternatively, you could also visit upscale places in New York City that are frequently visited by the rich and affluent.