Breaking Down Common Misconceptions of Seeking Arrangement NYC

Despite the growing popularity of sugar dating or arrangement dating, it is often observed that there are many misconceptions that are propagated by mainstream media and those who fail to understand it. Seeking an arrangement in NYC or in any other part of the world is easy and an extremely rewarding experience, provided you stick to the sugar dating playbook.

Therefore, in this article, we debunk 5 sugar dating myths that prevent potential NYC sugar babies and sugar daddies from seeking an arrangement.

Seeking Arrangemnent New York

Sex is mandatory in a sugar relationship

This is the most common myth we have heard. A lot of men and women fail to distinguish sugar dating and prostitution. Having said that, we do agree that many sugar relationships can and do involve sex, but that is certainly not the main component of the arrangement. In fact, most sugar relationships are platonic and completely devoid of any kind of physical intimacy.

Only young and skinny girls can become sugar babies

Not really! You might have come across scores of advertisements featuring gorgeous women with bleached blonde hair, posing as sugar babies. But isn’t that the purpose of advertising? In the real world, sugar babies can be in their 20s, 30s or even 40s, looking to offer companionship in exchange for money and other life-changing experiences.

It is all about money and expensive gifts

A lot of young girls take to sugar dating hoping to get lots of money, dine in fancy restaurants and buy expensive designer wear. While we don’t deny that some sugar babies are pampered, for others it is all about staying financially afloat and being able to pay off exorbitant student loans. For many young women, especially budding entrepreneurs, sugar relationship is about building a strong network.

Sugar babies are home wreckers

People tend to assume that sugar daddies are married old men who cheat on their ignorant wives. These people also label sugar babies as homewreckers and gold diggers. In reality, A majority of sugar daddies are just single, divorced, separated or widowed. Regardless of the reason, sugar daddies are just older men seeking a connection on their own terms.

Sugar dating is dangerous

It goes without saying that online sugar dating has its fair share of risks. However, that is true for regular dating as well. This is why it is advised you join a trusted sugar daddy dating site that verifies users in order to keep scammers at bay. This not only ensures a safe dating experience but also gives you a better chance of landing a like-minded sugar partner.

Regardless of whether you are a sugar daddy or a sugar baby NYC, it is important to bear in mind that sugar dating is not destroying the fabric of the society. As a matter of fact, it is only bridging the gap between like-minded people and enabling them to live a better life on their own terms.